county demographics graph

County differences in ethnic backgrounds.

Parents served in Coconino County were primarily American Indian (60%), Hispanic (15%), and Caucasian (14%). Parents served in Maricopa County were primarily Hispanic (37%) and Caucasian (33%). Parents served in Navajo County were American Indian (42%).

State-wide participants

Across all participants, parents and children were most likely to be Caucasian, Hispanic, or American Indian and were most likely to have 2 children or less.

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number reached graph

Number of families reached

In four years the number of people in our community outreach has grown over 680%. 34,734 individuals were reached in 2013. Of those reached through community outreach, 34,480 were families and individuals living in Arizona, 635 were liaisons for hospitals, schools, and other community centers, and 173 were other workers in the social service/prevention field.