Through your strength and compassion you can help us break the cycle of child abuse.

Children are dying, and you can help prevent it. 8% of all child deaths are the result of maltreatment. Of those, 33% were children under the age of 4. Accidental maltreatment, while parents are drug or alcohol abusers, accounts for 19%, while homicide – blunt force trauma, medical conditions and firearm injury – is the leading causes of maltreatment deaths at 49%.

In 60% of these deaths the biological mother is the perpetrator, and in 27% it is the biological father.

These parents need our help.

Maltreatment Deaths Among Children

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84% of your dollars go directly to participants through our programs

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Program benefits:
94% of participants increased problem solving skills resulting in less aggressive behavior towards others.

CPLC Parenting Arizona is fighting, not just for their survival, but for a life of productivity that breaks the cycle that leaves so much of Arizona’s economic future in question. Be a part of that fight through your helpful donation.

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You can make a difference in the economic future of Arizona.

While there’s no academic agreement about how to measure “ready to learn,” researchers and teachers agree that what happens at home makes a big difference, especially in early years.

According to one study, children of professionals hear 30 million more words by the age of four than children in homes receiving welfare.

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Parents were asked “Before starting this program, how many times per week did you read to your child?” and “Right now, how many times per week do you read to your child?”

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Your donation makes a difference. When you support the programs that CPLC Parenting Arizona offers, you help a child get ready for the future. They will become the future leaders and future productive workers.

We provide parents in challenging situations and environments specific assistance in creating better learning and lifetime opportunities for their children. You generously provide the resources to keep us going and we appreciate your loyalty and caring.

In Arizona, where per pupil spending on education ranks 47th in the nation, more than half of all children between three and five are not even enrolled in nursery school or kindergarten. By supporting programs that provide early learning opportunities you support the economy and the future of Arizona.