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Seven months pregnant, Maria knew it was time to go home to Winslow. Prostitution and drug dealing on the streets of Las Vegas were not going to give her baby the life she wanted for her.

Luckily, back in Winslow she enrolled in Healthy Families, a program that brought a home visitor who helped Maria with referrals for housing and other community resources. Maria’s home visitor also gave her help and support in learning how to be a good mom, find a job and make a home.

Today, she’s drug free, employed full-time – and has a toddler just about ready for primary school.

Together we can help others like Maria

For over 35 years, Parenting Arizona has provided multicultural services to families at risk of violence, poverty, and other hardships. Services have been offered in Phoenix, Tucson, Tuba City, Flagstaff, Leupp, and Winslow. All programs were designed to provide culturally relevant services to meet the needs of families in urban, rural, and reservation settings.

With your dedicated partnering we all can make a difference.