What you can’t give in dollars, you can give in-kind…

CPLC Parenting Arizona has many opportunities for you to help families. If you are interested in helping us continue eliminating child abuse, here are some things to consider. In-kind donations are a type of charitable giving in which, instead of giving money, your goods and services are given.

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Please give:

Help our Team Members reach more families by providing:
•    Upgraded technology
•    Four wheel drive vehicle
•    Website enhancements
•    New computers
•    Furniture
•    Expert consulting services

Help our neediest families to thrive by providing:
•    New books for ages 0-5
•    Gift cards or gift certificates
•    Diapers
•    Baby formula
•    Non-perishable snacks/treats
•    School supplies
•    Bus passes
•    New or gently used toys

In-kind giving can be an effective and creative way of supporting CPLC Parenting Arizona, please make a gift today!

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Email or call Julie Rosen, Executive Director, at (602) 881-1990 to make your donation.