CPLC Parenting Arizona helps strengthen families and prevent child abuse and neglect.

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Did you know that for as little as $10 you could put a smile on a child’s face, or that for just $30 you could help a new mother, and for $100 you could support a child’s brain development? Find out what your donation can do for families throughout Arizona.

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We Need You

In the last year CPLC Parenting Arizona volunteers committed over 4300 hours of service time and impacted over 34,000 individuals through direct services and outreach. The outcome: over 96% of participants stated as a result of the program, they can support their children better. Volunteer with us.

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Get the tools and techniques to help your children as their first and most important teacher with our Home Visitation Programs. CPLC Parenting Arizona also provides free Parenting Education Classes in communities throughout Arizona. Build healthy family relationships.


Listen to Julie P. Rosen, MS, LPC, Executive Director of CPLC Parenting Arizona talk about the history of the organization and the many areas of Arizona that we serve – from east to west and north to south. She explains the scope of the numbers of individual families that receive help though CPLC Parenting Arizona. Utilizing the different kinds of services, home visitation, community based programs, in schools and at resource centers, child development knowledge is promoted along with positive parenting and early literacy. By fostering early reading, Julie states that high school graduations and college attendance increase. Child abuse prevention is a driving force behind the mission of CPLC Parenting Arizona. By teaching helpful parents skills and techniques Julie believes that we can improve and save the lives of children.


The families we serve:

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Demographics of the families we serve state-wide in Arizona. Learn more about CPLC Parenting Arizona demographics and community partnerships.